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For Android: 5.0 and up Guide: BattleDudes.io cheats tutorial
When updated: 2021-03-14 Star Rating: 5
Name: BattleDudes.io hack for android Extension: Apk
Author: Sarunas File Name: com.sarunas.battledudesio
Current Version: 1.0 User Rating: Everyone 10+
Downloads: 100-181 Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Education


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About the application:

Battledudes.io is a true multiplayer 2d shooter mini game with a fully destructible map, where you war another squads and users for the win! The mini game has multiple distinct maps and multiple gamemodes like capture the flag, squad deathmatch, gun mini game and more for you to select from, with a lot of map and gamemode combinations. To aid you in fighting the opponents at your arsenal you have over 20 various weapons that you can unblock by playing the mini game and gaining XP points. In larger maps you can use cars like the jeep and the tank to quickly travel the map and transport your mates as well. While driving the jeep your mate who sits in the passenger seat can shoot at opponents! Meanwhile the heavily armored tank is a single seater, however it boasts a strong tank tower shooting exploding rockets. Just watch out for the long reload time. All guns and user in Battledudes.io behave the same, however if you can influence that behaviour by choosing one or two of the unlockable perks. Perks can increase your weapon hurt, health amount, weapons switch speed, weapon reload speed, your running speed and a lot of another statistics. This allows you to create a lot of weapon and perk combinations for you own video test style! To communicate with your teammates use the emoji wheel. Summoned by the right mouse click, it allows you to communicate with teammates regardless of your and others language. By playing the mini game and gaining coins you can unblock and purchase a lot of fresh emotes. Battledudes.io contains a leaderboard with everyday, weekly and all time stats. If you make an acc to save your XP, progress you can also compete with another in the leaderboards. In the mini games store you can purchase fresh hats and emotes with either the coins currency or the gems currency. Coins are earned by playing the mini game and gaining XP. Gems can be purchased from the shop. Each currency can buy a certain set of stuff.

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  • battledude.io im follow me and i wish more 10000000 coins and 10000000 gems plz and thank you

  • why i nned to do this

  • I want 20000 gems my name is lucas#2119

  • How can I download this

  • Get 1000 germs i am john

  • bruh give me aimbot, I keep dying to hackers

  • hello i need you help im trying to troll a toxic kid i need to use the aim bot so i can troll the toxic kid

  • how do you hacks?

  • ppppppppllllllllsssssssss get me at lest 3000 gems and 1000 coins I nnnneeeedddd thhhhheeeemm I can't use any money my mom says

  • I need 1000000000000000000 million gems


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