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For Android: 4.3 and up Guide: CubeStation cheats tutorial
When updated: 2021-12-29 Star Rating: 1.8064516
Name: CubeStation hack for android Extension: Apk
Author: Guangzhou Ganyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. File Name: com.gan.cubestation
Current Version: 3.2 User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 10000-35004 Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Education


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About the application:

CubeStation is an APP focusing on cube online teaching, fighting and training. It supports Smart Cube, Regular Cube and Virtual Cube. With the assist of professional guide and training, you can speed up steadily and war online with global cubers anytime and anywhere.

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CubeStation screenshot CubeStation screenshot CubeStation screenshot
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Changes in CubeStation:
Fix known bugs
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Reviews and Recent Comments:

  • Graham Inggs: If you are unable to install the modernize, test uninstalling the Play Shop ver first. Apart from modernize problems, this is a good companion apk even for non-smart cubes, with a lot of features, e.g. algorithm training, not found in another apks.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-09-14

  • Umarani Munaganti: I like it
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-07-24

  • Mikayel Mikayelyan: It is helping me soooooooo much it a very awesome apk and it dose not cheat me when I tipe my email and password
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-06-05

  • LOFFFY: It needs more work 1. This apk has a lot of bugs, for example my cube won't present up... 2.it needs performance fix, I tried this apk on 10 various devices, high end works on like 30fps, low end on 10 ( average ) 3. U all need to turn down the splash of colours when I am on menu 4.should improve the AI 5. Please please please, remove that scary robot thing when you first begin the apk 6. Improve your servers 7. Over-all, good apk
    User rated this game 4/5 on 2021-05-14

  • Ginge Haynes: I love the apk, but it's so glitchy and hard to create work. Now I can't use it at all as it wants to modernize but will not install. Very unhappy.
    User rated this game 2/5 on 2021-09-13

  • ZIPS.: nice
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-09-16

  • Devarsh Nayyar: Takes tonnes of time to download
    User rated this game 2/5 on 2021-09-11

  • shane moss: No longer works, recent make batter had killed it.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-10-20

  • Pan You Jay: 3 stars because of the features. there are lots of fun features but there are also lots of issues. 1) I was playing in the league and I have 300 trophies. How on earth did I matchmaker with a 500 trophies user. In terms of fairness, I give 0 stars.2) the whole apk is laggy and take some time to load.3) the adding and removing of trophies is inconsistent. sometimes they add 5 minus 8 add 12. Really confusing.4) when u play, u r most probably gonna meet the same users every time.it is no fun
    User rated this game 3/5 on 2021-06-09

  • Ryan Bryla: First apk was method better, with this one you: 1. Have to create a fresh acc and lose all your data 2. Have to spend 5 min logging in because you cant connect to the server 3. Have to receive the updates from a site and can't download them securely through google play Smart cubes are only as awesome as the apks that can use them, and this ruins the Gan i series for me, this apk created the cube a waste of $100 and I won't be buying other one anytime soon.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-24

  • Huma Bano: Please solve my cube
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-08-23

  • Is Robinson: I concur with the sentiment of a lot of another reviewers. I've used it for a few weeks and it's ok to train algs on, when you finally search the ones you care about in the heavy list. I want it was more of a learning program, for example present the best method to solve the cross, or which F2L pair is best etc I can't log in on Android device anymore (16/9/2021) and the apk is asking me to download and sideload an updated ver. Seems shady. I'll wait for the Play shop approved ver thanks.
    User rated this game 2/5 on 2021-09-17

  • Beau Barrett: Hate this fresh modernize. The UI is just awful, cluttered and quite frustrating. Miss the older ver of this apk.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-20

  • Kevin Foy: Won't run without modernize. Can't receive it to modernize properly. Considering what the robot is capable of - this has to be one of the worst apks of all time.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-16

  • EliteGalaxy Gaming and Cubing by Devang Dhandhukiya: Good I never seen smart cube app like this. This is the best smart cube's ultra ultimate extremely smart app for Elite cubers.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-05-11

  • Jeff Rouyer: I figured this out. After installation, the apk appears to stall, just tap on the screen towards the middle a few more times then you will be presented with option for language and login and eventual access to the main apk which and it's features.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-10-05

  • K P: It is really slow :( I hate it
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-07-31

  • Sebas Loera: Can't begin after fresh modernize
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-05-26

  • Parker Banks: Once you download the apk you have to download an modernize from GAN's site directly because Play Shop won't let it. Beautiful sketchy. Wasn't happening able to access the apk.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-13

  • Leo Hock-Morris: Always logging me out saying awful network connection
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-21

  • Ivan Hetsiy: It is awful it does not work when you close the apk but in general sick! Apk
    User rated this game 3/5 on 2021-07-15

  • Mr Moros: Frustrating. Can't not modernize over smartphone data, you need wireless connection, can't use your smartphone number, Yahoo email, and in my case Fb to register. Postives are the apk once working is nice. Training, timed solves, practice and more are good features that create the Gan 356i carry a good cube to use.
    User rated this game 3/5 on 2021-05-11

  • Tobias Miao: IT IS UNUSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-14

  • Rudy Metra: Totally broken won't even load
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-29

  • Mike Carthew: Unuseable. Once you eventually manage to sign in the apk is cluttered and not simple to navigate. It also crashes quite often. Imagine my excitement when a modernize appeared. Modernize needs to be done through a third party download and then dosnt install properly. Don't think its just my smartphone either. Shame because it's a nice cube and the apk has better features than the go cube one
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-11

  • Relaxing Disney: Can't even download the apk. I'm using a Galaxy S20 FE and it refuses to download because of safety risks. Basically unless you live outside the US, this smart cube is useless since you can't receive the apk to go with it. It's unhappy because I was really looking forward to trying this! Please fix this problem Gan.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-13

  • Bess Wuertz: Apk stalls on the splash screen and won't begin on any device we have. My son just received an entire collection of Gan smart products for his birthday (robot, cube, etc). They are essentially worthless now and will be returned if this is not resolved in the next few days. What's the point of offering all these connected products if you can't connect them to anything due to a faulty apk?
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-10-19

  • Candice K: We bought this for my tiny boys birthday. It doesn't work. He's so gutted :(
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-09-12

  • Dorus Blanken: Issues outweigh the features. There are some really awesome features like training on here which i have fun, but there is no method to use this apk offline, and right now there is also no method to log in since the server appears to be down, meaning whenever something goes wrong with the servers the apk becomes completely unusable.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-08-21

  • syed enayathali: I wish older ver of this apk
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-05-21

  • Cody Bennett: I cannot receive it to begin, its stuck on begin screen.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-10-15

  • T-Dog: Apk won't load
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-10-19

  • ReDlaR PlAyZ: I dunno
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2021-07-05

  • Xander De Beer: Apk is not awesome
    User rated this game 2/5 on 2021-09-05

  • Lubo Orsag: High CPU load. My smartphone is burning and draining battery quickly.
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-08-20

  • William Perenara: its not picking up the ver number so im unhappy
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-08-03

  • Joseph Franjo: Would be a good apk. Only thing is I cant understand the amount of permissions required. Smartphone status and identity, Camera ( take pictures and videos), Smartphone Vibration control, Full network access, directly install apks and access to images and media. Seems like spyware for a BT cube apk. Cannot connect 356i2 unless these are given access. No another smart cube apk requires these. Please change this GAN
    User rated this game 2/5 on 2021-04-07

  • Gianluca: Awesome just please change the guide to the latest one so it's more interactive
    User rated this game 4/5 on 2021-08-08

  • Ariq Ilham: Horrible apk, doesn't work most of the time
    User rated this game 1/5 on 2021-08-12

  • MintyBoy: I'm stuck on the opening screen and don't know how to fix the problem. Really frustrated
    User rated this game 2/5 on 2021-10-23


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