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For Android: 7.0 and up Guide: Delta Math cheats tutorial
When updated: 2020-06-03 Star Rating: 0
Name: Delta Math hack for android Extension: Apk
Author: ym team4 File Name: com.tamatamatombo.trianglecalc
Current Version: 1.0 User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 1- Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Education


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Q: I is on the interior of \displaystyle \angle{CDE}∠CDE. Find \displaystyle m\angle{CDI}m∠CDI if \displaystyle m\angle{IDE}=(x+150)^\circm∠IDE=(x+150) ∘ , and \displaystyle m\angle{CDI}=(31+x)^\circm∠CDI=(31+x) ∘ and \displaystyle m\angle{CDE}=175^\circm∠CDE=175 ∘ .

Q: Solve the following system of equations algebraically: y= y= \,\,x^2-9x-10 x 2 −9x−10 y= y= \,\,-3x-3 −3x−3

A: Given the speeds of each runner below, determine who runs the fastest. \text{Emily runs 11 feet per second.} Emily runs 11 feet per second. \text{Will runs 483 feet in 50 seconds.} Will runs 483 feet in 50 seconds. \text{Stephanie runs 1 mile in 398 seconds.} Stephanie runs 1 mile in 398 seconds. \text{Liz runs 539 feet in 1 minute.} Liz runs 539 feet in 1 minute.

Q: In ΔPQR, \overline{PR} PR is extended through point R to point S, \text{m}\angle PQR = (3x+12)^{\circ}m∠PQR=(3x+12) ∘ , \text{m}\angle RPQ = (3x-11)^{\circ}m∠RPQ=(3x−11) ∘ , and \text{m}\angle QRS = (8x-9)^{\circ}m∠QRS=(8x−9) ∘ . What is the value of x?x?

Q: Solve for xx and graph the solution on the number line below. -1\lt 4x+3\lt −1<4x+3< \,\,7 7

Q: Lillian wraps a gift box in the shape of a square pyramid. The figure below shows a net for the gift box. 8.6 cm 7.4 cm How much wrapping paper did she use, in square centimeters?

Q: Which set of ordered pairs represents a function?

Q: Point B is on line segment \overline{AC} AC . Given AC=2x+7,AC=2x+7, BC=x,BC=x, and AB=5x-9,AB=5x−9, determine the numerical length of \overline{AB}. AB .

Q: Delta Math Triangle Proofs Level 2

Q: The number of newly reported crime cases in a county in New York State is shown in the accompanying table, where x represents the number of years since 2014, and y represents number of new cases. Write the linear regression equation that represents this set of data, rounding all coefficients to the nearest tenth. Using this equation, estimate the calendar year in which the number of new cases would reach 877. Years since 2014 (x) New Cases (y) 00 1222 11 1133 22 1146 33 1097 44 1087

Q: What is the product of 2\sqrt{8}2 8 ​ and 8\sqrt{24}8 24 ​ in simplest radical form?

Q: Reflect the figure over the line x = 5 x=5.

Q: Ethan went to the grocery store and bought bottles of soda and bottles of juice. Each bottle of soda has 45 grams of sugar and each bottle of juice has 35 grams of sugar. Ethan purchased a total of 19 bottles of juice and soda which collectively contain 755 grams of sugar. Determine the number of bottles of soda purchased and the number of bottles of juice purchased.

Q: Which equation represents a line which is perpendicular to the line y = -4x-5

Q: Delta math 3+4+(-7)

Q: Graph the equation y=-x^2+8x-15y=−x 2 +8x−15 on the accompanying set of axes. You must plot 5 points including the roots and the vertex. Using the graph, determine the roots of the equation -x^2+8x-15=0−x 2 +8x−15=0.

Q: A side of the triangle below has been extended to form an exterior angle of 165°. Find the value of x x.

Q: What is an equation of the line that pes through the point (-4,-7)(−4,−7) and is parallel to the line 3x-y=43x−y=4?

Q: At a local restaurant, the amount of time that customers have to wait for their food is normally distributed with a mean of 46 minutes and a standard deviation of 4 minutes. Using the empirical rule, what percentage of customers have to wait between 34 minutes and 58 minutes?

A: 15fffffffffffffffffffffff

Q: In ΔQRS, the measure of ∠S=90°, QR = 78 feet, and RS = 61 feet. Find the measure of ∠R to the nearest degree.

Q: Find the length of side x in simplest radical form with a rational denominator.

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About the application:

Create same results of the calculations for each side on triangle. 3 calculations are: - Calculate from top to left bottom - Calculate from left bottom to right bottom - Calculate from right bottom to top There are two shapes: -circle field: "0" - "9" or "-" -rectangle field: "+" or "-" or "x" or "/" Can't change Gray color field. This is fixed for this term game. Can change/set Blue color field and it will be changed to green when it is selected. After timer is expired, push setting and go back to setting view. Set fresh time and begin once more for fresh term.

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this is a first release
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  • Composition of Transformations: Rigid Motions

  • It didnt work at all please dont download this, this was a huge waste of time


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