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For Android: 7.0 and up Guide: Delta Math cheats tutorial
When updated: 2020-06-03 Star Rating: 0
Name: Delta Math hack for android Extension: Apk
Author: ym team4 File Name: com.tamatamatombo.trianglecalc
Current Version: 1.0 User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 1- Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Education


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Q: Jose works as a salesperson

Q: The function f(x)f(x) is graphed below. What is true about the graph on the interval from point ff to point gg?

Q: Find the inverse function in slope-intercept form (mx+b): f(x)= f(x)= \,\,\frac{2}{5}x+10 5 2 ​ x+10

A: Find the inverse function in slope-intercept form (mx+b):

Q: Find the inverse function of the function f(x)=(5x)^{-\frac{4}{3}}f(x)=(5x) − 3 4 ​ on the domain x > 0.x>0.

Q: Nathan owns a trucking company

Q: Solve the following equation for xx. Express your answer in the simplest form. 6\left(-3x+8\right)= 6(−3x+8)= \,\,-6\left(8x-8\right) −6(8x−8)

Q: Alexandra and her children went into a grocery store and she bought $7.65 worth of apples and bananas. Each apple costs $1.75 and each banana costs $0.40. She bought a total of 9 apples and bananas altogether. Determine the number of apples and the number of bananas that Alexandra bought.

Q: In ΔGHI, the measure of ∠I=90°, the measure of ∠G=76°, and IG = 6.2 feet. Find the length of HI to the nearest tenth of a foot.

Q: I'm looking for what is the area, in square centimeters, of a trapezoid

Q: If f(x)=x^3-6x^2+13x-10f(x)=x^3 −6x^2 +13x−10 and x−2 is a factor of f(x), then find all of the zeros of f(x)f(x) algebraically.

Q: Draw a line representing the "rise" and a line representing the "run" of the line. State the slope of the line in simplest form.

Q: An electrician charges a set fee of $150 for every house call and then charges an additional $70 per hour. Write an equation for C,C, in terms of t,t, representing the total cost of the electrician's services if the electrician spends tt hours at the house working.

Q: You plan to invest $50 per month in Roth IRA. You find an account which has a historical APR of 9.7%. Assuming you start on your 18th birthday, how much money will be in the account when you retire at 65?

Q: Determine the equation of the circle graphed below.

Q: Ruby invested $300 in an account paying an interest rate of 6.1% compounded continuously. Assuming no deposits or withdrawals are made, how much money, to the nearest hundred dollars, would be in the account after 13 years?

Q: Given the following exponential function, identify whether the change represents growth or decay, and determine the percentage rate of increase or decrease. y=9200(1.11)^x y=9200(1.11) x

Q: The volume of a sphere is increasing at a constant rate of 1199 cubic meters per second. At the instant when the radius of the sphere is 88 meters, what is the rate of change of the radius? The volume of a sphere can be found with the equation V=\frac{4}{3}\pi r^3.V= 3 4 ​ πr 3 . Round your answer to three decimal places.

Q: In ΔRST, r = 210 inches, t = 550 inches and ∠T=166°. Find all possible values of ∠R, to the nearest degree.

Q: Brianna bought snacks for her team's practice. She bought a bag of oranges for $2.63 and a 8-pack of juice bottles. The total cost before tax was $16.07. Write and solve an equation which can be used to determine xx, how much each bottle of juice costs?

A: 1.68 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Q: Mackenzie has $700 to spend at a bicycle store for some new gear and biking outfits. Assume all prices listed include tax. She buys a new bicycle for $402.26. She buys 4 bicycle reflectors for $13.92 each and a pair of bike gloves for $10.01. She plans to spend some or all of the money she has left to buy new biking outfits for $30.94 each. Write and solve an inequality which can be used to determine oo, the number of outfits Mackenzie can purchase while staying within her budget.

A: efrrstrdgfsgrbdfsb

A: Graph the function f(x)=-\log_{4}\left(x-6\right)-5f(x)=−log 4 ​ (x−6)−5 on the axes below. You must plot the asymptote and any two points with whole number coordinates.

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About the application:

Create same results of the calculations for each side on triangle. 3 calculations are: - Calculate from top to left bottom - Calculate from left bottom to right bottom - Calculate from right bottom to top There are two shapes: -circle field: "0" - "9" or "-" -rectangle field: "+" or "-" or "x" or "/" Can't change Gray color field. This is fixed for this term game. Can change/set Blue color field and it will be changed to green when it is selected. After timer is expired, push setting and go back to setting view. Set fresh time and begin once more for fresh term.

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this is a first release
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  • It didnt work at all please dont download this, this was a huge waste of time


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