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For Android: 1.5 and up Guide: EasyTether Full cheats tutorial
When updated: 2019-12-27 Star Rating: 4.29
Name: EasyTether Full hack for android Extension: Apk
Author: Mobile Stream File Name: com.mstream.easytether_polyclef
Current Version: 1.1.19 User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 100000- Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Education


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About the application:

EasyTether shares Internet connection from your phone with your computer, smartphone and router. It supports USB tethering for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD computers, Android device 7.0 / 6.0 / 5.0+ / 4.0.3+ tablets and OpenWrt or LEDE-based routers. It supports Bluetooth tethering for Windows, Linux, *BSD computers and Android device 7.0 / 6.0 / 5.0+ / 4.0.3+ tablets. It does not require root access or unique tethering plans. It supports PS3, Xbox and Wii tethering by means of Internet connection sharing feature on Windows or Mac. One-time fee only. Featured in WSJ Tech Essentials http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324354704578635792701857784.html Featured on WiredNews http://www.wired.com/2011/12/easytether-app/ We suggest that you test gratis EasyTether Lite before making a purchase. EasyTether uses only official APIs ensuring your phone's security. Unlike a lot of tethering widgets, EasyTether implements its own tethering mechanism completely from scratch. Some carriers have hidden the original EasyTether apk. Note that all paid EasyTether versions function the same method, you can buy whatever is visible with your carrier or install EasyTether app directly from our website http://www.mobile-stream.com/a/easytether-phone.apk Remove another EasyTether versions before installation. We offer an extended refund period - 30 days. We will never refund orders older than 30 days.

EasyTether Full Hack - Gallery:

EasyTether Full screenshot EasyTether Full screenshot EasyTether Full screenshot
EasyTether Full hack free android guides videoreviews photos and help from pro players.
Changes in EasyTether Full:
- better TCP retransmit code to reduce CPU usage and improve compatibility (e.g. with OpenBSD)<br>- faster IP checksum code for ARM (64-bit and especially 32-bit)<br>- fix for the harmless forceful shutdown on Android 8+ if no services are enabled<br>- fix for the v1.1.18 regression on rare Android 3.x/4.0 devices (pre-3.0 or 4.0.3+ were not affected)
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Reviews and Recent Comments:

  • A Google user: Works once more
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2012-03-11

  • A Google user: Can you add a connection speed to either the notification bar or the physical apk or both? Another wise perfect
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-04-02

  • Shawn McNair: Works good on a Note 5. Instructions are to a T perfectly done.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2018-06-31

  • A Google user: Love it, i can actually play modern warfare 2 anyware. There are still a couple of forcs close problems, but its excellent so far.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-03-32

  • A Google user: Galaxy s works excellent PLEASE UPDATE WITH SMS
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-12-14

  • Kyle: Been using for a lot of years SUPER APP no Bullcrap
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2018-11-04

  • A Google user: Works good on my unbelievable. Setup is straightforward and painless.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-08-09

  • A Google user: Used it with connectify to set up a hotspot at home when my internet was down for a month.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-03-22

  • A Google user: So simple to use i used to have proxoid and this one is so much better. Mytouch slide
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-10-26

  • jpc214: Love it!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-08-17

  • A Google user: good apk
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2012-05-14

  • keegan byars: I have tried a lot of tethering and wireless connection hot spot apks and I personally prefer the tethering for safety reasons this apk does not just pigie back on the tethering option my smartphone all ready has it uses a various method wich has 2 options for tethering thus avoiding the monthly tethering Hotspot charge the speed is awesome to only loosing about 1mb per second versus the smartphone built in apk with 4g lte I'm able to stream Netflix and ect in full hd I highly suggest it for anyone who is being charge a monthly fee for it
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-08-05

  • A Google user: The best apk in existance its getting me through college
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-09-21

  • randell smith: Listen up. If you use this apk and then do the forced but avoidable modernize from TMOBILE they will block you from tethering! DO NOT UP DATE! This apk works good. It is slow and buggy on the LG motion though. Not sure if it is the smartphone or the service or the apk but that smartphone doesn't play well with others. TMOBILE isnt LOSING cash. they are losing OUT of cash occasion. It doesn't cost them a single penny for you to browse on your smartphone or laptop through the smartphone. I have paid upwards of $70 MORE than the normal smartphone bill for a few years for extra/unlimited high-speed data. they wish other $80 if I wish to use that data on my laptop. The TMOBILE and cell smartphone industry are all run by criminals and thieves.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2013-02-26

  • A Google user: For my andriod warp zte this tool is worth every penny
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-12-26

  • A Google user: Unbelievable apk. Worked on Original Droid. Works now on my Droid RAZR Max. Good for trips where WiFi might not be accessible.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2013-06-21

  • A Google user: Only want it had a wireless tether too!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-12-32

  • A Google user: Awesome items
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-01-08

  • A Google user: Works good!!!! Simple install. Download rate faster on laptop than on Droid. Love it!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-12-10

  • A Google user: The best apk on the shop works good
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-04-19

  • A Google user: Tethers even my old slow computer.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-05-30

  • A Google user: Working good with a quick connection, don't even have to wait for YouTube to load. HTC Evo 3D Sprint- 2011 Edit I originally reviewed this apk in 2011 and I'm back in 2018 after realizing I still had it. I redownloaded it today and set everything back up on my fresh MacBook pro, I can't trust this apk still works as well as it does if not better than before. My current smartphone plan does not let tethering but this apk saved the day. Just wanted to say large thanks too the developer's for maintaining the apk, I can't trust it still works. Love you guys, thanks for giving me some freedom back. LOVE IT! Anyone thinking of getting this apk or something related from these developer's, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! 7 years later it's still an good tethering application that's simple to set up and use. I'm blown away, honestly.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2018-10-08

  • Jason Oatts: I've been using this on my HTC Amaze 4g, tethered by USB, to my Asus Transformer Infinity smartphone, connected to the keyboard you can buy for it.....and the results have been nothing short of good! THIS apk is worth the $9.99 price..... it is worth its weight in gold! I have a infinite data plan on the carrier I'm with, SO with that being said, it is nice to know I can take FULL advantage of that now!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-01-03

  • A Google user: It works awesome, too awful T-Mobile's 3g network is horrible.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-07-12

  • A Google user: Tried Pdanet and no go. Tried for tech help and 5 days later. This apk worked. Fascnte
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-01-18

  • A Google user: Just download & follow the install magician... its that simple! So worth the $$.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-04-25

  • A Google user: Works good w motorolla devour...good work
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-01-18

  • A Google user: Works very well on my Character
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-07-16

  • A Google user: This has to be one of the best if not the best and most usefull apks on the shop worth every penny.+ simple install - HTC character - works flawlessly
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-04-31

  • A Google user: Can you guys give us the option to remove it from the notification bar? This apk is good.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-03-16

  • 여름Summer: I have used this apk for 5+yrs and it's an good apk. In the beginning I tried a few apks before I tried this one. Then once my trial was over I was hooked. I'm not sure how the process is now. If u receive a gratis trial or not. That was a few yrs ago. But if u wish to do light surfing such as social media, email, txt chatting, things like that. Its good. I used it for yrs without having to receive true internet. Lol But I became a Gamer and that changed. Though you can use it to mini game with for a short period if your internet goes out. But after that you hit ur data, if u have one, then it's useless because ur speeds are too slow. Anyway this apk is absolutely good! I love it! 💗💙💜
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-06-26

  • A Google user: Perfect for places without cable hookup. Beats wireless connection every time. Very simple to connect. Will it work on fresh 4G network and fresh phones like Thundrblt
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-04-29

  • A Google user: Best application I have ever bought.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-05-10

  • A Google user: Well worth the cash and much cheaper than PDA Net. Needs SMS, but still 5 stars. This is a must have apk.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-08-12

  • A Google user: Works very well. Had to download pc drivers to a work computer and then email to my unbelievable because my SD was busy. Mounted as a drive to home pc.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-08-06

  • A Google user: Dødsbra apk! Bare synd at 3G i bergen hater
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-12-15

  • A Google user: Works really awesome on my Unbelievable. Haven't had any of the issues people describe here.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-12-23

  • A Google user: Still I will rate this apk five though cause it is good. Trouble is that my wireless provider Cspire has blocked tethering over there network. Good apk be sure that you check with your provider before you pay for it they maybe blocking you as well.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2012-05-10

  • A Google user: Works just like it says and its excellent when im on the street or in my dorm room
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2010-08-30

  • A Google user: Been a good apk.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2011-03-23


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