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For Android: 2.3 and up Guide: PsyCard cheats tutorial
When updated: 2018-05-24 Star Rating: 4.556962
Name: PsyCard hack for android Extension: Apk
Author: Ludosity File Name: com.Ludosity.PsyCard
Current Version: 1.3 User Rating: Everyone 10+
Downloads: 1000- Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Education


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About the application:

PSYCARD is a minesweeper-like mini game set in a cozy cyberpunk dystopia. Use your psychic powers, and some dangerous luck, to determine the position of the hidden cards and become the winner. - story mode with 4 selectable heroes - a mysterious dungeon crawler mode - 25 heroes with different psychic abilities - challenge mates by passing the smartphone around

PsyCard Hack - Gallery:

PsyCard screenshot PsyCard screenshot PsyCard screenshot
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Changes in PsyCard:
Achievement hotfix.
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Reviews and Recent Comments:

  • Miguel Angel Astor Romero: Brilliant A good mini game! It's type of very difficult at first but the concept and the heroes are so awesome it balances out.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-05-12

  • Christopher Fredén: Good twist on minesweeper This mini game has it all: good heroes, fun story and requires skill yet has a fair amount of randomness to it. 10/10!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-07-16

  • Steven Jaworski: Good idea! So novel. What a good idea.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-05-11

  • Aran Carmon: Would love to see extra mini games with same globe and heroes (on either Android device or Steam)
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2018-01-29

  • Jorge Voshintung: It would be better if it were more obvious that hero selection is selecting difficulty.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-06-16

  • Steve Parrant: Must Have This puzzle mini game is unbelievable - it is a tragedy not more people have purchased and it is so hard to search - if you like clever puzzles with a minesweeper bent then don't delay - you won't regret it
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-05-10

  • Hugo Fontes: Do you like minesweepers? DO TRY. This is basically a minesweeper where you face other user but you can't see what each another finds plus some more twists (heroes have all sort of abilities that helps them find/avoid certain cards or messes with their enemy).
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-03-02

  • SomeOrdinaryPerson: One of the best mini games I have played. Cash well spent
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-09-03

  • Raine Leskinen: Nice idea, works well for a short mini game. Kinda needs the ability to save between competition mini games though.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-05-07

  • Roman Urban: Hidden gem
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-07-21

  • Desth O: Hooked May need to build strength up on luck. Gotta receive better at this. Yeah, this is one rad mini game. Hilariously self aware humor is too awesome not to like.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-05-18

  • Nick Sanford: Good mini game. Cool twist on Minesweeper
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-09-26

  • Rich Miller: Absolutely unbelievable! If you're a fanatic of minesweeper-style puzzles, this is a must-try. A cast of fun and charming heroes and a solid soundtrack help some very interesting and often type of intense video test. The only feeling better than deciding to guess between two cards and getting the right one is watching your enemy guess between two cards and receive the wrong one, complete with cut-ins of their concentration and disappointment. The game's cutscenes/dialogue are also quite entertaining, at least the first time you see them, and the free-play mode means that once you've gotten tired of them you can ignore the story mode. I've already gotten far, far more than the purchase price out of this mini game, and I haven't even tried the 'Friend's Quest' alternate mini game mode yet! Overall? I love this mini game, dude.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-07-05

  • Ashai Tides: My very first mobile mini game purchase. It's exactly what I was hyped for!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-07-13

  • Tobias Dänzer: Lovely tiny mobile mini game. It's an original take on Minesweeper - truly original, in the sense that while it's obviously reminiscent of Minesweeper, the mini game has enough personality to stand on its own. EDIT: Also, the devs have created a few good PC mini games. I suggest Ittle Dew in particular.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-11-22

  • Ndidi A.: Good mini game. Not for the logically challenged! :P
    User rated this game 4/5 on 2016-07-32

  • Polaronode: The mini game is good but... I'm a Ludosity fanatic so when psycard wad released, I had to receive it. I fell in love with card town night so I knew this mini game would be good. I love the artistic direction, the heroes, the universe, the dialogues and the concept but... The mini game rely to much on luck. I can't count the number of mini games where I would lose because the first card I picked was a skull, 3 times in a row... It's really frustrating and the video test does not evolve, it's always the same concept (the guidelines change slightly). :/
    User rated this game 3/5 on 2016-05-31

  • Joran Bleeker: Fun but light mini game The Ittle Dew/Card Town Nights style is good. The video test is very fun, for what basically comes down to competitive minesweeper with unique powers. However, the mini game sometimes crashes when you flip a card, which is created all the more infuriating by my another complaint: you can't save during a mini game or competition, and some go quite long. If these were addressed I'd give this 5 stars.
    User rated this game 4/5 on 2016-06-18

  • Jiryfoe Man: The most superb presentation Yet I can see what people are saying about the random guessing element. I don't really see the point to hold playing another than for the story. I should be missing something. Might be too soon to say. Attractive mini game! What is the font? It's nice.
    User rated this game 4/5 on 2017-01-13

  • _V_Gaming_: Crash Hold crashing in Shield
    User rated this game 4/5 on 2016-06-19

  • Stephen G: Disappointing I love Card Town Nights so as soon as I heard about this I jumped on it. I also love minesweeper and Hexcells. Unfortunately, this mini game doesn't give you enough actual info to be a puzzle mini game. Occasionally you'll be in a situation you can logic through, but all too often you have to resort to guessing, which is the cardinal sin in mini game design. It also seems to have no progression at all in terms of mechanics, so you're just playing one random puzzle after other. Can't really suggest it to anyone.
    User rated this game 2/5 on 2016-05-13

  • ludovic coues: A tiny gem First thing is that I was blown away by the intro. The first two view in the campaign, the flat then the mate, are doing such a awesome job at lying out the background. It's crazy. And the mini game is filled of tiny touch like that. The idea of a two users minesweeper with partial info on the grid is really something feeling fresh. And it work really well.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-04-30

  • todpolle: So going by the the hero designs shown and the fast description, I thought this would be one of the more serious and dark stories by Ludosity. But instead we got psychic wrestler, only instead of wrestling it's minesweeper. Does it suck, no. I like the heroes despite how one note they are. Each hero is basically a difficulty setting with there unique moves like Alf looks for security on the sides(normal), Z look for secure spots(easy) and Beez is about screwing over the enemies skills(hard). and of there's Dea who can't play the mini game normally so her skills are necessary for her the most. However I must tell you to watch the how to play video cause the learning curve can be beautiful though if you just play without knowing the guidelines. I admit, I lost in the practice competition.
    User rated this game 4/5 on 2018-02-16


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