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For Android: Varies with device Guide: Dormi - Baby Monitor cheats tutorial
When updated: 2018-06-16 Star Rating: 4.348897
Name: Dormi - Baby Monitor hack for android Extension: Apk
Author: Sleekbit File Name: com.sleekbit.dormi
Current Version: Varies with device User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 1000000- Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Education


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About the application:

The baby monitor for the phone age Includes all standard features of an audio hardware baby monitor, along with video streaming (using your phone’s camera) and some surprising extras. Works at any distance. Dormi can use any accessible route to connect parent and kid troops (WiFi, mobile data - Edge, 3G, 4G, HSPA+, LTE), and can work even when Internet is not accessible (WiFi Direct, HotSpot / AP) Uses powerful cryptography to hold you from unpleasant surprises that are all too common on regular IP based dedicated HW monitors. Ultimate feature? You can connect MULTIPLE devices in parent mode to a single kid device simultaneously. Intelligent audio You don't need to configure microphone sensitivity - Dormi adjusts to noise levels automatically. Leave the device a few meters away from the sleeping baby and it will still be able to detect when it cries and amplify the sound for the parent device as if it were placed right next to the baby. Press and keep the Listen button to hear sound from the kid device even while the baby is not crying. Equally, use the Talk button to talk back to soothe or calm the baby while you are on your way. Convenient info-center With Dormi you always know what's going on. All necessary info about the kid device is always accessible while monitoring. If connection with the kid device is lost, the parent device will notify you. Dormi will even notify you about missed calls and fresh text messages received on the kid device, so you will not miss something necessary while not having direct access to the device. We know Android! If the baby starts crying while you are on the smartphone, you will be notified with vibrations and a gentle beep to your ear - without abruptly disturbing the smartphone call, yet letting you know. Of course, Dormi works in the background, even when the device screen is off. Good care has been taken to limit battery usage - you can monitor for a lot of hours on one charge. Have you got an old Android device device sitting in the drawer that you have no use for? Not anymore - test using it as the kid device with Dormi. We have created the effort to ensure it runs from Android device 2.3 onward. Start right away... All you have to do after install is pair two devices together (our autodiscovery feature makes this a breeze) and begin monitoring right away. Although infinite monitoring is paid, you will receive 4 hours of monitoring for gratis every month. If you do decide to create a purchase, you only have to do so on one of the devices participating in the monitoring.

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Dormi - Baby Monitor screenshot Dormi - Baby Monitor screenshot Dormi - Baby Monitor screenshot
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Changes in Dormi - Baby Monitor:
v3.2: Privacy related changes<br>- removed Crashlytics and Google Analytics library: smaller app size<br>- EEA countries: consent required to use free allowance, which is tracked using a unique identifier<br>- compatibility fixes with newer devices and newer Android versions
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Reviews and Recent Comments:

  • Fahad Javed: Exactly what we required As above. It does exactly what we required on short message. Hard to search apks that do that but this one fit the bill. 5 stars.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-11-20

  • Brendan Annett: Excellent monitor I bought the infinite using a google acc that i should access through all of my phones. I also bought a holder that is out of the babys reach. It notifies me when shes moving or crying while i still have melody playing in the background. Its an good apk! Saved me hundreds of dollars from buying a monitor for the same use with an old phone(galaxy s4) that i didnt need anymore.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-09-19

  • Ultimate Universe: It is just excellent! Don't waste your time nor cash on baby monitors or anything. Use your old smartphone for your baby and pair them to any device. You only need to purchase it for 1 device! You can connect it from multiple devices. Let's say your wife is at home but you had to go out at night. You can connect to mobile data service and still monitor your baby! The only option I'm missing is playing a night melody for my baby; lullaby. It would be all in one apk. 5 Stars...
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-10-24

  • Raanan Raz: Helped us on a Holiday!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-08-26

  • Faldoable: Exelent tool! I use my old HTC Sensation as the "kid device" on the home WiFi and my HTC One X as the parent device on 3G-network. The setup is super simple and it works flawlessly. Havn't found any drawbacks at all!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-05-24

  • Jantux: La mejor que probé y probé muchas, un easy pago de 89 pesos y es ilimitada, el costo es relativamente bajo en comparación con un monitor fisico
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-04-19

  • Marius Olaneanu: works good!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-04-25

  • JWags FTW: This apk is good. Haven't used it much yet, but the functionality is good.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2018-01-14

  • Drr Dank: Really awesome apk I really like this apk
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-08-16

  • Khowaja Obaid Ilyas: Connect from anywhere in the globe I use this apk for my 1 year old daughter and 83 year old father. Does everything it says it does seamlessly. Have never had any issues connecting to any device anywhere.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-09-28

  • Eduardo Paulisa: Good apk The noise detection feature works amazingly well
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-12-23

  • Bonnie June Jones: Good! This is good! Saved me a lot of cash not having to buy a video monitor! Took a tiny bit of poking around and trial & error, a guide would've been nice.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-07-32

  • Jessica Lumley: I love this monitor soooo much! Works just ok even when all I have is 3G...use it for my parrots while I'm out...love the fact I can talk to them if they begin screaming
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-04-06

  • Alaa mohamad: 👍😍💗 very very very helpful and simple to use .. it is the best Application for monitoring my baby
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-02-24

  • Andrew Rankin: Brilliant, but some recommendations... Won't explain why this is good, but take it for a try drive if your looking for a cheap yet strong baby monitor. Some recommendations for devs : 1) Auto volume setting to specified level for parent device - to prevent accidentally reducing the volume or forgetting to turn it up. 2) Max brightness and fade in setting for flashlight on kid device. In a very dark room the video is useless, but using the flashlight is too sudden and far too bright. 3) Hide pricing billing options when connected to paid peer!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-09-13

  • Silviu Titirca: The best baby monitor apk. It works excellent for multiple devices, even for older Android device versions and I can tell you is the best since I inspected a lot of monitoring apks. This one suits excellent for my needs.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-12-14

  • Gali Sandler: Love the apk Would like to be able to record the few seconds after noise detected to know in the morning if im not waking up for my baby or if the noise detected wasn't her...
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-12-10

  • Justas Markauskas: Nexus4 Apk is good. And useful. But that subscription thing. :) I would like to pay once and use all without subscription. Anyway all very awesome. Found life time subscription!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-01-26

  • Daniel Shallenberger: Good gratis apk with no strings attached.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-06-14

  • pritish panke: Saved me a lot of cash This apk has created our life very comfortable. Sets up easily and works efficiently.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-08-15

  • Ken Smith: Multi Useful Apk! Super useful apk! Plan to use also to monitor my car. Visions of snapping pics of a thief with mouth begin as I announce that the cops are on the method. Nanny Cam? Spy Cam? Hmm.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-06-15

  • Christopher Abenoja: Have a lot of uses for us We are a working parents and always leaves our daughter at home.We use thisnas a baby monitor and although its notnreally the intended purpose I can hear what is going on at home. I usually placenthe babybdevice near the router so as to receive a very awesome signal.We love this apk, we did not buy baby monitor before as it is very expensive. However when we discovered this apk its so good that even when we are on the street and our tot is left at home we can easily talk to her.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-02-19

  • Sean Carter: Over sensitivity solved I was having an over sensitive monitor problem. Problem resolved itself after rebooting the kid device. Haven't had an problem since. Hopefully this isn't a recurring trouble.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-07-11

  • Peter De Keyser: Works so well I even bought the apk..
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-10-31

  • Natasha Quinton: Brilliant first review but....Two months on... Works good between an old Samsung s3, s4 mini and LG. Does exactly what it says, well worth the make batter shame there isn't the infinite option to begin but 4 gratis hrs a month is still amazing!!!Thank you, place my mind at ease and saved us a fortune on a fresh monitor... 12/12/14 further review the Samsung phones do not have the drop down menu in the top right corner to see the billings and reward or paired device options this needs to be easier to search as it took myself and my partner 20mins to sort out
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-12-13

  • roman schuhmacher: Worked as expected, good
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-06-03

  • Mohammed Saeed: Brilliant No another to compare
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-03-12

  • Christopher Barrett: Pet monitoring Good for listening in on dogs when you are away from home.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-06-30

  • JG De la Rosa: Perfect apk!! This is a good apk I can really say this have saved me from buying a baby monitor. It also works even if the devices are not in the same network. I can check on my baby from my office which is an good feature for me!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-08-05

  • Ammar Ali: Work perfectly just as you need it
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-02-13

  • Jesse MacNevin: Exceeds expectations Using via WiFi and cell network with Nexus 5, Moto X 2013, and Nexus S. Good product. Added a Nexus 6. Told Tony he could receive it too.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-02-13

  • Chris Goetze: Cannot fault it! Best option tried so far!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-09-31

  • Amanda De Leo: Love this apk! I didn't expect to search such an inexpensive method to video monitor my sleeping baby. I don't always use video; sound only is good too. I love that it uses smart detection and filters out the white noise. It plays sound only if it detected irregular sounds, like my baby, or the dogs barking, or the annoying loud vehicle that zooms past or house. The alarm that notifies me when connection is lost gives me peace of mind. So a lot of options with settings and alarms. I just love it! So do my daughters; we all listen for baby to wake up.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-12-11

  • Noam Livne: Excellent!
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-10-02

  • Karl Mac: Works good Good idea and well executed apk, we were going to waste 50 blips on a fresh monitor for kid number 3 when I came across this. On the monthly fee and use it every night. Never had an problem with it.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-11-06

  • Very accurate
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2017-05-24

  • Tahir Ballikaya: Good apk. Nice and easy Easy and nice apk, works quiet well. And battery usage is amazingly low. Almost like nothing event. Best monitoring apk so far. Just share the apk with some mates and use it for a lot of more hours. But else its fairly priced.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-10-14

  • Jin-Jing Lee: Cool.. Worked well with my old Samsung tab. Just leave it there charging and you receive notified for any movements
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2014-11-17

  • Daniel Muller: All that is required Control and alerts are integrating perfectly with the OS. Multi parent devices is really useful. I appreciate the pricing model in which one device only needs the paid ver. Noise level setting should be improved, by default it is triggered too easily.
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-12-10

  • patricia scully: Better than my actual baby monitor
    User rated this game 5/5 on 2016-02-23


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